Interactive Attack Triangle


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The perfect stickhandling practice tool for individuals or teams. Designed specifically for improving your hands. Great for individual practice.

The interactive Attack Triangle is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick. With the open "lane" between the simulated skates and extending stick, the Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills, stickhandling ability and an understanding of passing lanes. By using the Attack Triangle at home or in replacement of ordinary cones at practice, players naturally start working on more creative "moves".

In addition to providing more interaction than cones during practice on ice, the Attack Triangle comes equipped with mooring pins which virtually eliminate sliding. The Attack Triangle just begs to get beat! Are you up to the challenge?

Serdachny Pro Training Tip:
Pair this with a Stickhandling Ball to practice stickhandling and moves both on and off the ice!

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