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Power Skating & Skills

Skating and elite hockey skill development in a positive and productive learning environment.

Serdachny Hockey Offers Advanced Power Skating and Hockey Camps Around the World

This program focuses on developing skating and Elite hockey skills in combination, allowing the player to improve their entire game. Each skill is demonstrated with excellent technique, and then broken down into crucial components. Students are shown how to strengthen weak areas, so they can continue to grow and develop their skills and move onto more advanced abilities. The program teaches and emphasizes proper technique, form, speed and skill as they apply to the game of hockey, including:

  • First Step Speed and Explosive Acceleration
  • Agility/Quickness
  • Advanced Technique Training
  • Maximum Skating Efficiency and Edge Control
  • Power, Speed and Dynamic Balance
  • Stopping/Crossovers
  • Speed with the Puck
  • Explosive Stickhandling and Moves
  • Advanced Puck Handling Fundamentals
  • Detailed Technique Instruction
  • Overspeed and Reactive Training
  • Parachute and Resistance Training

Serdachny Hockey instructors have a high commitment to excellence. They expect the best from their players and are dedicated to providing the best developmental experience for every athlete. Our program is designed to take players to another level of learning, to inspire and instruct them to their best performances ever.

power skating and hockey

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