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Hockey Academy

Presented by Hockey Canada and the NHL on the NHL Network

Hockey Academy

For over 8 years, Steve Serdachny was featured as the Technical Expert and Master instructor on the television show "Hockey Academy" presented by Hockey Canada and the NHL, airing on the NHL network.

You can learn from world-renowned NHL skating and skills coach Steve Serdachny by taking home DVD Volume 5 "The Best of Hockey Academy".

This DVD is a collection of some of the best episodes, skills and drills from the hit T.V. show, and is specifically designed to take your entire game to the next level. Let Steve help you achieve the next level of high performance and Strive for Excellence!

Make sure your collection is complete by checking out all 7 of our instructional DVD's including:

  • DVD Volume 1: Explosive Speed For Hockey
  • DVD Volume 2: Explosive Speed For Hockey II
  • DVD Volume 3: Explosive Stickhandling & Moves
  • DVD Volume 4: Explosive Shooting & Goal Scoring
  • DVD Volume 5: The Best of Hockey Academy
  • DVD Volume 6: Explosive Defense and Checking
  • DVD Volume 7: Elite Team Drills

This complete DVD series is a must have for any coaches or players who are looking to elevate their game to the next level. For more products and great packages, be sure to visit The Edge Online Store today!

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